Marjoleine Leene - jazz vocalist, songwriter & coach
Marjoleine Leene - jazz vocalist, songwriter & coach

Jazz connects people

´Just don´t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don´t think you can go wrong.´ -Ella Fitzgerald.

Harmonica virtuoso Martijn Luttmer has announced to record my song Play that song again wit our famous Metropole Orchestra if he ends the contest as number 1! YOU can support us in making that dream come true!!! Vote for him at

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20th january 2018
Intrioduction feat. Marjoleine Leene with piano virtuoso Harry Happel, Sven Happel and Jasper van Hulten (ao Wouter Hamelband). Playing a modern version of the arranged music of Intrioduction and Marjoleine Leene. Check Tickets:

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